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RIGEL – India’s first online e-Booking platform for the air cargo industry

For years, airlines were craving fixed contracts, while forwarders, egged on by their clients, kept shopping around for the bargain of the day. Today it is the forwarders who are desperate to secure lift, as the ad-hoc market augurs painfully high prices. The air cargo market is changing from a buyer’s market to that of a seller. With airlines adding more dynamic pricing and committing lesser capacity, the forwarder’s business becomes more difficult. The airlines also suffer due to the absence of a single window to reach out to the buyers.


Kale Logistics Solutions launched a specialized e-Booking platform, ‘RIGEL’ at WINGS INDIA 2018. The platform is one of Kale’s Trade Facilitation initiatives, focused on driving ease in cargo booking for the air cargo industry.


This One-Stop e-Booking Platform is India’s first comprehensive online platform to assist “cargo rates” discovery and booking procedures for the air cargo industry. Currently, the air cargo industry is heavily dependent on manual and cumbersome processes wherein airline routes and schedules have to be digitally solicited. Absence of a single online source that can provide information pertaining to availability of cargo routes and the corresponding reservation rates to Exporters, Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers has made the process tedious and prone to malpractices.


With Kale’s online e-Booking platform, routes, rates and schedules for cargo booking are readily accessible through the system, thereby benefitting the concerned stakeholders. It also ensures that compliances for further processing of the shipment are met at the point of booking. This booking data is reusable for further shipment processing by way of connecting to other stakeholders like Airports and Airlines. The platform is equipped with comprehensive modules for RFQ and Quote Management, multi-channel booking with EDI communication with Airlines, GST invoicing, e-payment gateway, tracking and reporting for all stakeholders. A pilot run of this platform has been successfully completed with a leading exporter, one of the largest Freight Forwarding/Customs Broking organizations and a leading airline to ascertain the usability and functionality of the platform.

Business Benefits

Transparent and verified rates

Real-time rates as per the inputs from the Airline

Convenient and One-stop shop for multiple Airline Freight price comparisons