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Warehouse Management Software for advanced automation and escalated productivity

Warehouses are crucial parts of the overall supply chain. These are the very touch points at which each product stops and is processed, thereby consuming space and time in terms of labor hours. Thus, space and time then, become expenses. Harnessing technology to streamline the layout and operations of a warehouse can help reduce overall labor costs, optimise warehouse space utilisation, and thus enhance the end-to-end flow of processes.


Warehouse & Distribution Management Systems (WDMS) play a crucial role in controlling the placement, storage and movement of materials within a warehouse along with carrying out associated transactions. New-age warehouses need an application which is capable of factoring ground realities of a modern warehouse, complexities of the processes and skill sets of those handling the cargo. A warehouse management software system which provides real time visibility, is easy to interface with third party applications and has been developed based on industry benchmarked processes is imperative for keeping pace with the growing business needs. In global economy, warehouses need to respond to growing trade with scalable warehouse systems. Moreover, the system also needs to be readily configurable to suit individual business needs. This can be achieved with next-generation systems which are both web-based and mobile-enabled.


PYXIS is one such state-of-the art, integration-friendly, web-based warehouse management software that encompasses a wide spectrum of warehouse activities right from the arrival of cargo, storage, location management, to dispatch. PYXIS is readily configurable wherein user can define location rules, package types, pick-up rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques and all other significant details regarding warehouse operations. It optimises these tasks based on detailed algorithmic rule engines and enables manufacturers, distributors and retailers to optimise their day-to-day warehouse activities while improving space utilisation, lowering inventory carrying costs and boosting productivity.

A large transnational achieves higher efficiency with PYXIS

PYXIS warehouse management software offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities suitable for modern warehousing needs

  • Suitable for different types of cargo such as general, temperature-controlled, bonded, agro products, among others
  • Capable of creating Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) by recording, uploading and integrating with inbound systems
  • Inward and Outward Truck dock and queue management
  • Support for speedy and accurate cargo turnaround operations
  • Pre-GRM & GRN module with rebranding and repackaging functionality
  • Efficient repackaged/ rebranded cargo management
  • Support for different algorithms like FIFO, LIFO etc. for put-away and pick-up processes
  • Handles multi-customer, multi-location warehouses for 3PL enabling location transfer within/intra warehouse
  • Easy integration with third party applications like SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Financial operation support
  • Advanced location management for better warehouse space allocation
  • Bar code generation and assignment for cargo
  • PDT enabled use of hand-held terminals for put-away, pick and cycle count

Business Benefits

Quality Control

Improved inventory control and visibility

Improved partnerships

Eliminates redundancy

Complete Automation

Boosts manpower productivity

Thought Leadership

Warehouse Automation – A Strategic Catalyst

News & Views

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Client Speaks

“Kale’s in-depth domain knowledge and understanding of our requirements has helped ensure a smooth implementation of this system […]


Mr. Mohammed Aslam Kazi – Chairman, Basem International Shipping & Logistics Co. Ltd.