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Advanced Transport and Logistics Management System for hyper-efficient delivery networks

Hyper-efficient delivery network is a pre-requisite for transport operators to ensure business profitability in operations. Transporters/Fleet owners with a large number of fleet need to service their network in a time efficient manner with adequate control on placement & movement of vehicles. This becomes increasingly challenging due to external constraints like expensive fuel and relentless price pressure from customers and competition. Any idling or underutilization of resources can incur significant overheads to the transporters/ fleet owners.


The need of the hour is to get real-time control on costs, leverage all cargo placement opportunities and offer visibility to customers. This is where transportation companies need a modern IT system to cater to all functions of their organization in an integrated manner. Efficiency of a supply chain operation is directly determined by its capability to fulfil local and overland transportation. Thus, it is imperative to adopt a transport and logistics management software that can handle the complexities and intricacies of the entire transport system.


HELIOS is a web-based transportation and fleet management system designed to deliver highly efficient supply chain operations. Whether it is a last-mile or first-mile operation catering to general, special or bulk haul, HELIOS is a proven best-fit solution for Third Party Logistics (3PL), manufacturers, fleet owners and operators. HELIOS functions as a complete transport and logistics management software, covering a wide range of functionalities, that encompasses all aspects of business. HELIOS comprises of two modules – HELIOS TRANS and HELIOS FLEET.

Leading Terminal & Warehouse Operator exercises better control on Transport Network

HELIOS TRANS is a GPS-integrated, best-fit transport and logistics management software for logistics operations.

  • Ability to track drivers, vehicles and consignments on real-time basis
  • Complete support for versatile business models like Full Truck Load (FTL), Project Cargo movement, trailer movement, Less than Truck Load (LTL), Express Cargo Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Local Delivery and Crossing
  • Integrated with GPS technology to give pertinent real-time location and information
  • Self-service customer portal assures customers with real-time up-to-the-minute detailed and information
  • Support for contract management with customers and vendors
  • Provides information on tracking, invoice, complaints, enquiry, rates, e-POD and drives planning through comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reporting
  • Goods & Services Tax compliance for India

HELIOS FLEET is a comprehensive fleet maintenance software designed to cater to the needs of fleet owners and operators

  • Manage all activities from trip sheet, driver settlement, fuel tracking, vehicle turn-around time, to billing and invoicing to maximise revenues
  • Get real-time, instant and detailed insights on vehicle status and allocated jobs
  • Support for optimisation of delivery schedules catering to different types of cargo like containerised or bulk, multiple or mixed consignments, liquid or refrigerated, multi-leg or container
  • Enables easy integration with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems renders seamless operations
  • Can be integrated with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to provide real-time visibility, status and position of a vehicle

Business Benefits

Drives competency and planning

Checks revenue leakage

Efficient resource allocation

Cost saving

Analytical reporting

Thought Leadership

Voice-enabled technology – streamlining processes in logistics

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