The power of small wins – Unlocking the potential of 3PL through technology

Fulfilling the end-to-end needs of rail operators with a comprehensive web-based Rail Container Management System

Rail freight operations are the backbone of logistics for many industries. Especially in countries like India, where the transport network is composed of routes with limited or no road/air connectivity, Rail has become an important mode of logistics. However, escalated demands from shareholders and customers; and factors such as last-minute orders, seasonal fluctuations, day-of-operations disruptions make Rail freight planning a complex function. Operators are eyeing expansion in their network capacity and productivity with investments in advanced technology and better infrastructure. Rail companies are investing to maintain efficiency, safety and the sustainability of their networks by employing next generation IT infrastructure.


Rail Logistics are complex with an intricate flow of information and goods between multiple stakeholders. CAPELLA Rail Container management system is a comprehensive web-based application designed to streamline various operations pertaining to Rail Logistics. It is built on ground reality that makes processes hassle-free, efficient and facilitates communication between all stakeholders.


CAPELLA Rail management system is a web-based system that enables Rail operators to gain complete control over Rake operations. Built on comprehensive industry understanding, CAPELLA Rail Container management system is capable of integrating with several existing IT landscapes and systems, including Indian Railways’ FOIS (Freight Operations Information System) and CAPELLA CFS/ICD Management System. CAPELLA Rail is specifically designed to drive control, agility and profitability in Rake operations. It supports and fulfils complete requirements of rail operations, intermodal liner service operators and private rail operators.

CAPELLA Rail Management system caters to the end-to-end operations and functions as a common interface for controlling and optimising

  • Allows creation of separate Rake masters for individual operations
  • Automatic fetching of details such as Rake name, CTO, wagon no., TXR details, Wagon type and Capacity of wagon-based on the Rake master
  • Auto-generation of Wagon code
  • Enables milestone mapping using Rake Arrival details module whenever Rake arrives at any terminal
  • Smart searching of Rake details based on name
  • Facility to upload new train summary and replace existing train summary
  • Customised dashboards for efficient Rail transactions
  • Auto-calculation and display of total TEU’s computed as per container details
  • Pertinent invoicing support for shunting bill, TXR charges, Rake stabling invoice etc.

Business Benefits

Eliminates redundancy and bottlenecks

Enhanced real-time visibility

Cost effective transactions

Improved customer relationships

Improved business control