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GALAXY provides winning edge to General Sales Agents (GSA) businesses worldwide

General Sales Agents (GSA) play a vital role in the growth and development of the air cargo industry by being an important vertebra in the backbone of the air cargo supply chain. Gone are the days when GSAs were appointed only as sales and marketing representatives who were responsible for selling air cargo space. Airlines are now looking for organisations who can responsibly conduct end-to-end business functions of the air cargo.


The business functions of traditional General Sales Agents (GSA) have undergone major change owing to increased cargo volumes and the growing demands. Airlines are looking for GSAs that have a technologically sound, automated and IT enabled infrastructure to contain end-to-end transactions with minimal wastage. Thus, there is a pressing need of a system that consolidates all key functions of GSA on a single platform.


Kale’s GALAXY GSA system is one such sophisticated and comprehensive system designed and developed especially for GSA business. It takes care of all the GSA data/ information and reports, along with multiple functions, like customer management, AWB stock management, sales management and financial processes like Cargo Sales Report, TDS, payments etc.


The system enables users to keep a track of all the bookings, handover details and other pertinent data. Users experience highest level of confidentiality and security with GALAXY GSA. With password secured data access and limited access rights, system controls unrestricted usage and delivers not just timesaving and cost-effective operations, but also ensures control over transactions.

NAC2000 leverages GALAXY to improve operational visibility

General Sales Agents worldwide rely on GALAXY GSA module for their operations, as it is enriched with the following features:

  • Handles multiple functions like Customer Management, AWB Stock Management and Sales Management
  • Single system catering to multiple airlines and providing product support
  • End-to-end and secure Import/Export operations
  • Rate management
  • Complete Stock Control
  • Extensive customer profile management
  • Airline schedule management
  • EDI capable for messaging with multi protocols
  • Real time cargo track & trace
  • Financial Management, Cargo Sales Report, TDS and Credit maintenance
  • Business Intelligence based reports

Business Benefits

Minimal training cost

Secure operations

Quick ROI

Time and cost-efficient operations

Automated documentation

Thought Leadership

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News & Views

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Client Speaks

“GALAXY is a proven system in use at major Airports worldwide and is ably backed. […]


Mr. Faiz Lolloo – Managing Director, PATS (Plaisance Air Transport Services) – A Roger Group Company